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About Area VII

ASPC logoThe Area VII Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Assoc., Inc. is a member-supported club for those that enjoy their Shetlands and Miniatures. We are an American Shetland Pony Club/American Miniature Horse Registry/American Show Pony Registry (ASPC/AMHR/ASPR) recognized club primarily active in California, though our area encompasses California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. Our membership includes owners of both ASPC Shetland Ponies and AMHR Miniature Horses. We welcome members from all over—and you do not need to own a mini or pony to join.

The Area VII Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Association, Inc., was incorporated on June 14, 1998 by the Board of Directors: President Marjorie Vliet, Director Virginia Flint, and Director Jim Curry. It is and has always been member-supported and driven, with a dynamic group of people volunteering to run the club.

Area VII is primarily a club for those who enjoy their Shetlands and Miniatures, with a particular interest in showing. "We are an informal group of people of all ages who gather together for the enjoyment of friendships made, and the promotion of our beautiful equine. As members of this organization, we help maintain the recognition that our fine Shetlands and Miniatures deserve at the ASPC/AMHR level."

Area VII is a 501 (c) (7) tax-exempt organization.

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